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MyklHElectronic / ambient / soundscapeFrance
SKYCAT HEROSOther / Prog mix / United Kingdom
StrumMusicOtherUnited Kingdom
The Spiral RoomPopUnited Kingdom
Lord Ha HaOther / space rock / psychUnited Kingdom
Morne Gabriels aka DukePop / Other / Easy ListeningUnited Kingdom

GigNik Turner Space Gypsy with support from Zendad12 Mar 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigThe Railway Inn Dr A Solo28 Mar 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigBlues and Bikes Weekend Dr A Solo17 Apr 2015
(2 days)
United Kingdom
GigCurved Air with Glowpeople19 Apr 2015
(1 day)
West Midlands
United Kingdom
FestivalCapt Roswell album launch party25 Apr 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigSpirit of The Marsh Dr A Solo1 May 2015
(3 days)
United Kingdom

ListenerGilloUnited Kingdom
ListenertwinkerbelleUnited Kingdom
ListenerPaulH121United Kingdom
ListenerLouieLUnited States
ListenerWonderous henUnited Kingdom


Kozmik Ken's 5th Psychedelic Dream

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Last online over a month ago Not in the chatrooms United Kingdom

i've been told of a time that exists in rhyme, that i might just find if i'm lucky... The space in between might appear as a dream, But it's real to them that's plucky. Come with me for an aeon or two... and play in this paradise lost... Get on board a train called forever, your past the only cost. Freedom of spirit, no chains of despair... burned out emotions lost in a flare. Thousands of years filled with bliss, if happens a chance that we might kiss. Winging through time that disappears, lost in the bliss for a thousand years. Islands hover in light that sings... carried away on an angels wings. Finding melody in the averse... has life been lived in reverse? (Lived - devil) Mystery of time unfold for me, i carry the soul of eternity... Castles of light have fallen dark... since the sinking of the ark. From ages lost beyond this knowing, let me be this river flowing. Water the land to grow the seed... planted by man before his greed... Before his fear, before his doubt... long before this spiritual drought. Depth of field in vision and sound, as nature claims her spirit found. Mountains fall and seas disperse, in the joyous rebirth of the universe. All we sense is one with it... as our love we submit. The spirits sing to me; they tell me how love and trust will grow a new world order of truth and understanding. Now is a time of giving, a time of opening up and revealing the whole self the true self no time to fear, the beginning is here. In the one and in the many i have found thee; lover supernal... Bliss beyond bliss, love excelling, ecstasies of all ecstasy... exploding with ore in rays of starlight; i am, and in the many and in the one i have found thee. i see in thee joyous delight i see in thee love and light. i see in thee compassion and care and the trees of eternity in your hair. Daughter of light in thy ravening storm i surrender to thee in this human form all that i am and am not to be, forever and ever eternally. Dare to be different... Why? Because we're all the same. Dare to be what you are... not what someone else wants you to be. There is no difference; we are all the same... so don't make one. A difference makes all the difference, all on its own. Just be different and in that you'll make no difference... You'll not see a difference for you'll be too busy been different. Who wants to be the same anyway, all same... same as. If there's no difference then why not be different. There has to be an opposite, that opposite is different... but it's the same. Without opposites there would be no attraction. Equal and opposite together are the same, but only because they're different. So if you want to be the same, be different... or don't... you'll still be the same... Why? Because there is no difference... Light, Life, Liberty and Love: No where below, No where above. Someone has to dare and that someone has to care. So dare to love; do you care to love? Come let us play, in joy let us dance; And in our folly, our romance Let us bathe in love the light of love. Now we're below, Now we're above. Know and speak your one true name. From now on itíll-never-be-the-s ame. Will will come and Will will go The difference is from now on youíll know. Because be dammed with reason and proof. All that matters is unutterable truth. Secrets of an unfathomable youth. Now above is below and below is above, United in Light, Life Liberty and Love....

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By Long Way Down
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By Hawklords Official
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By Steve Bemand
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By shrak
By Serpent of Dream
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Crystal Morning Crytalisation mix
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