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Napier AerospaceOtherUnited Kingdom
Un KnownOther
Peyote GuruOther / Free improvisation / JammingUnited Kingdom
BigfootBlues / United Kingdom
PIPEDREAMRock / Alternative Rock / Spaced Out Groove Rock United Kingdom
RavenheartGBBlues / / United Kingdom

FestivalKozfest 201425 Jul 2014
(3 days)
United Kingdom
FestivalThe Green Gathering - Chepstow1 Aug 2014
(3 days)
United Kingdom
GigThe Heron Pub8 Aug 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
FestivalFlutatious The Bulldog Bash9 Aug 2014
(0 days)
United Kingdom
GigThe Rum Runner9 Aug 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
FestivalFlutatious Farmer Phils Festival10 Aug 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom

ListenerJoe the PlungerUnited States
Listener01926leighUnited Kingdom
ListenerDoubleRRUnited Kingdom
Listenersandylee18United States
ListenerPatchyUnited Kingdom


Kozmik Ken's 4th Psychedelic Dream

A Summer of Fun

Festivals 2014


Last online over a month ago Not in the chatrooms Antarctica

the amazing phantasticSchroeding er's Cat& Liquid Space DruidsFreitag, 23. MaiThe Three Cranes Hotel74 queen street, S1 2DW Sheffieldsouth yorkshire, UKLineup:Lord Iain Hawk-guitars-synths- sitar-vocsKozmik Andy Fricker-BassRobTaran a-drumsTim Crosby-Lead-guitarSo sad to make the announcement that Will Greenwood who played with us cosmic puffin 2013 has unexpected died on Monday 10th February 2014. usually wanted to do some other gigs his year. It is senseless to play without him. Love to you brother you are missed. fly back home to the stars. XXX <3 <3Schroedinger's Cat was formed in 1989 in Rome, Italy and are playing since that with different line-ups all over Europe and Northern Africa.we have recorded more than 188 CDs and Tapes since we started.older Catstuff you find herehttp://earlycat. soundawesome.comhttp :// mIf you prefer other formats than mp3-320kBit, then look here:http://schroedi minformations about new tracks and our Record-Label you'll find here: undawesome.comHave fun with our music!! uploads will follow very soon!!the most photos on the newer albums are by Moonshayde Photography or taken by others from the festivals we have been.For the 25th anniversary in 2014 something special is planned..After line-up changes and the death of founder members I have decided to continue mostly alone excepted in studioworks. line-up for some gigs is: Cosmic Andy Fricker-bass, Rob Tarana-drums, Iain Hawk-guitar, synths, sitar, bulbultarang, vocals, lyrics, sometimes also guests on lead guitar.confirmed gigs for 2014 are:La RochelleLyonColmarRh una-Yraal Open-Daywe will tour again after 2015.reasons are health troubles .also death of bandmemebrs. need some time to sort them.will retire to studio activity.After 268 albums with 12 bands and projects and  more than 1200 livegigs in 19 countries in 25 years it is time to stop travelling for a while.thanks to all our friends and supporters and families, girlfriends who were here in those time....

To Fairer Climes
By Russell Sinfield
Barefoot Deadlock
By Kissyfoot
By Moonstorm
By SCat
[Rock / Symphonic Kozmikrock]
05spacegoats from outer space
By SCat
[Rock / Symphonic Kozmikrock]

By Electric Moon
[Rock / Acid / Psychedelic]
We are Shrak
By shrak
Kleiner Knaller
By Electric Moon
[Other / Psychedelic / Acidrock]
Pretty Doll Dog
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Crystal Morning Crytalisation mix
We Are One
By Hawklords Official
A Universe of Balance
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Johnny B. Bad
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Sleepin' with the Devil
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
7 By 7
By Hawklords Official
[Rock / Space Rock]